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Since 1849, Stiletto has been the "Standard of the West", supplying the tools that built the homes and businesses of early California and manufactured the agricultural implements that fed those pioneers.

Stiletto proudly traces its history to the earliest days of the California Gold Rush. Since 1849, they have provided professionals, homeowners and do-it-yourselfers the tools that have literally shaped the building of the West. Today, Stiletto’s line of Titanium striking tools continues that tradition into the 21st Century.

Stiletto Tools Inc. in Winton, California has developed a line of lightweight Titanium hammers. These new hammers are in a class by themselves, with features like improved balance, better face hardness and durability, stronger head-to-handle connection, more accurate nail pulling performance, and of course our signature magnetic nail slot. These lighter tools have the power to drive framing nails with the ease of a heavier steel framing hammers, with better control and accuracy.

These features make these tools ideal for the Professional Framer, Remodeler, and Finish carpenters. These Stilettos are professional tools, and hard working men and women in the building industry will find they are more easily able to manipulate these lighter tools and still drive nails like a seasoned carpenter.

For more information, please visit the Stiletto® website.

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